Have You Ever Wondered…..What Does Midwifery Care Look Like?

Dawn Karlin, CPM and I (Yvonne Silbernagel, CPM) thought we would give you a little glimpse at what midwifery care looks like in our practices.  Our care begins with the first call, text, Facebook message or email…not the first payment$. It is family centered care, we love to have the whole family come.  Kids are always welcome, and we make sure they can help and be part of the journey.  If you want your visits to just be your self care time that is good, too.  It can also be a great time to bring moms, grandmas and relatives so they can see for themselves what midwifery care looks like.


Typically, we start your care between 10-13 weeks. However, we are often contacted way earlier than that. And since we work with a lot of mothers that have a history of loss, we often start the journey with your first positive pregnancy test.  We work hard to get your testing early and fast so you can have what you need as far as progesterone supplementation and/or ultrasound. At your first visit, we review the supplements and nutrition for you, and we also offer you the same labs as an OB.  Within a few days, we have talked to you again about your labs, and if we would advise anything different as far as supplements and nutrition. Those visits are every month until 28 weeks (when we recheck vitamin D levels and hemoglobin and do glucose screening), then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks (when GBS testing is offered) then every week until your little one is born.  Some moms need more visits, that is always available, and there is not an extra cost for the additional visits.

One of the most important parts of midwifery care is that we are available to you by phone if you need us…no office hours or third person to talk through. One of the biggest things you will notice during our hour long visits is the personalized care we give along with informed choice. We discuss everything!!!!  Decisions are always the clients to make, we give you the information and you make the choice that’s right for you and your family!


For care with either of us, your midwife and/or assistant can provide a birth pool if wanted at no charge, then you would need to only purchase or have on hand the other water birth or water laboring supplies- a new drinking water safe hose, a birth pool liner, whatever connection is needed to connect the hose to the water source, an air mattress type pump to blow up the pool and a small fish net. The pool  is brought to you typically at your home visit. This prenatal visit is done in your home between 35-37 weeks. It allows us to have a dry run to your house (we don’t want to find out we can’t find you at 2am when you call us in labor!), how to work your washing machine : ) and where you keep your birthing supplies.


What does care during labor and birth look like? Well, again, you call the midwife and she comes to you, along with an assistant that you have chosen during your care.  Your assistant comes to several of your prenatal visits so that you have gotten to know her along the way, too. No strangers at your birth, if we can help it.  It is a rare event that we have to use a backup.  During your birth, we are as hands on or hands off as you would like.  We are doing vitals on the mother every 4 hours and doing intermittent monitoring with a doppler on the baby.  We are encouraging you to eat and drink during labor, change positions and frankly being wherever you need us, doing whatever you need us to do.


Who does the catching?…that can be you the mother, dad or the midwife, or some combination of those!


After the cord is done pulsing, cord cutting or cord burning is always an option.  During the quiet family bonding time, we are working to get all vitals and make sure everyone is stable as well as cleaning and charting. During this golden hour (or two), we peak in and check on you every 15 minutes or so and make you something to eat and drink.  Newborn check is then done: head to toe, checking reflexes, weight and length, making sure we don’t miss a thing. Then it is mom’s turn, bathroom, shower and any repairs that need done.  While mom is up, we make sure you are getting into a fresh clean bed.  Our goal before we leave is for you to be tucked into bed with your new family, a fed tummy, a load of laundry in the washer, the pool broken down and the area clean.



Sometimes an herbal bath is requested:

indexTavia Redburn Photography

We come back between 24-36hrs, you don’t have to go anywhere. At that visit, we not only do a thorough check on everyone, we also do a metabolic screening and pulse ox heart screening for the baby.  There is no extra cost for us to do these state mandated screenings if you want them to be done.  You are seen again in your home at one week by the assistant. Then again at 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks at the office, sometimes more, especially if more breastfeeding assistance is needed or breastfeeding is not going well.


As you can see midwives make it a family affair.  Birth is a beautiful journey. One that we love to share with you and work to get as much or as little of your family involved as you would like. Midwifery care is a gentle approach and a lovely combination of  expertise on normal pregnancy care, labor and birth, informed consent and decision making and getting to know your provider as we get to know you and your family on a whole new level. Midwifery care is holistic care at its finest ❤️.


 W. Yvonne Silbernagel, CMP, https://www.amotherslovemidwifery.com

Dawn Karlin, CPM, https://blissbirthok.com

Photographers featured today:

Tavia Redburn 

Andrea Jett

Belinda Briscoe


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Midwives in Oklahoma, practicing informed decision making and evidence based practice.

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